The Husband Trials – Session 3


On Thursday of last week I completed a third session on my husband which was, in my personal opinion, a huge success.

Earlier that day, almost 24 hours after his second session, he expressed to me that he wanted to take a course to help further him in his work.

This in itself is a big deal.

A little history:

My husband has worked for many years, unhappily I should add, in the same position. I have wished, mostly to myself, that he would open his horizons and look in different directions but after years of him coming home completely drained of energy and falling asleep on the couch by 8pm, I had begun to lose hope. That said, I was thrilled (and shocked) when he came home and expressed his desire to move towards his true potential.

I expressed gratitude for the shift in his perspective and let him know that I would support him in any way I can to help him reach his goal.

After our conversation, I completed a third Bio Energy Healing session. He was much more relaxed than he had been in the previous 2 sessions and I could literally feel a difference in his energy, many of his front side energy-wheels had opened up.

When the session was complete we headed to the couch to watch a couple of episodes of a show we’re currently addicted to on Netflix (Twin Peaks – total throw back but very entertaining) and afterwards off to bed.

It was eleven p.m. and as we’re laying there in bed, my husband suddenly turned over and began to kiss me. I won’t say what happened next, but it was 50 Shades of fantastic!

In any case, my husband, who suffers from chronic low energy was the most energetic I’ve seen him in ages and it seemed to happen over night.

He still remains skeptical, but I am definitely-still a believer!


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