Balancing act.


It’s been a little over one week since I took the Bio Energy Healing Course with Michael D’Alton in Calgary and I am being honest when I say that I feel like an entirely different person. I am more focused on the present and how it affects the future, less affected by the soap operas of others, and happier.

Before I discovered this new modality of treatment I felt as though I was gripping at smoke to figure out what I wanted to do with my life; every project I began failed due to apathy and I had no will and little passion for writing – my one true love.

As a professional coach and trainer, I intuitively knew that my job; working in a posh downtown gym with clients who hire me primarily because they can afford to, was not fulfilling my need to help others towards self-betterment. Though the money aspect of the work was promising it was not enough since, as you know, no amount of money can ignite passion.

I knew there was something else out there waiting for me to find; I had this mysterious sense of excitement for an invisible reality that I had been seeking for what seemed like ages. And just like most things in my life, when I actually learned the identity of this new character in this page-turning chapter, I was utterly surprised.

Now comes the balancing act…

I have observed life in North America to be rigidly opposed to the type of lifestyle I always craved. It is mathematical, left brain dominant, scientific and logical. Many of these cultural traits have not always served me personally unless I was outright faking it.

As I begin to climb this new learning curve, I have discovered a whole new set of questions like: ‘how do I balance my new found love of meditation with my old-honored love of swilling beer and watching futbol?’ or ‘how do I reach my goal of practicing on one person everyday when I spend the weekends at the beach with friends who identify as right-winged conservatives and think energy comes from nuclear power plants?’

The answers are still unclear and foggy.

What I have decided, in the interim – politics aside, is to take this new journey one step at a time like a newbie on the balance beam. I am positive that eventually I will be doing back-walkovers and beautiful leaps, but for today I’ll just walk on my tip-toes instead, squeezing my core muscles as I work to finish setting up my home treatment room and meditating, while taking small breaks to check the scores of futbol matches!

Stay tuned for pictures, updates and more treatment reports!


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