Lily – Treatment Report


I gave a Bio Energy Healing treatment to my good friend ‘Lily’ last night.

Lily is driven, ambitious, successful, beautiful, and athletic. She has no pain in her body, she has a great job which allows her to be creative daily, and she is generally happy. Sometimes she has to remind herself not to get caught up in materialism and remember to express gratitude for her good health, but other than that, I’ve never known her to be unhappy… except that time her cat died.

When we began the treatment I noticed immediately that she had strong energy in all of her 7 energy centers – particularly at the brow & solar plexus, so I worked with the intention of balancing her energy centers.

Since she has been experiencing some challenges with relationships; particularly with her ability to know what is good for her and what is not, I decided to work on the heart center and the mind center (brow chakra).

When we ended the session she reported feeling all types of sensations through out the session – she felt pulling, tingling, strange sensations in her ears, and various small pains coming to the surface.

Here is a note she wrote to me later that night:

“You’re probably sleeping and I will be too shortly. I can’t wait until the next time! I want to take you out next week as a thank you. I had an overwhelming feeling of happiness on the way home… maybe the wine helped haha. I’m going to harness my inner earth witch dammit!”

One can’t be positive whether it was wine or not, but it does correspond with the work I did on the heart chakra which produces a feeling of joy when flowing clearly!

Lily did say that she would refer her boss, who I am dying to meet as she sounds like the epitome of cool, and also her good friend who is a surgeon-in-training. Both are interested in having treatments and I am glad to have practice subjects!

As for Lily… I should remind her to make her donation! And also remind her to constantly express gratitude for how awesome and beautiful she is!

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