Gabriella – Treatment Report


Gabriella is a friend of mine who became interested in having a treatment after a long conversation about my course a couple of weeks ago. As the child of a mother who constantly used alternative methods for healing, Gabe was intrigued by a different type of healing.

Coincidentally Gabe scheduled her treatment with me right after a surgery which is routine in nature but painful to recover from. I saw her early in the day and could feel immediately a difference in the chakra directly relating to the area where the surgery had occurred. It felt different than anything I had felt before; like I was hitting sharp items with my hands. She later told me she was also feeling sharp pains in the area while I worked there.

I decided to work a bit extra on her heart chakra since I noticed it seemed blocked in comparison to lower chakras  and I worked extra time near the area where her surgery had occurred.

When the treatment was completed I asked Gabe if she felt anything. She said that she felt sharp pain at time but mostly stayed in her mind; asking herself questions on where she should be feeling things. I told her she would have a different experience during the second session and to let me know how she felt later that day.

Here is a note she wrote to me the following day:

“So I thought you’d be interested to know that after our treatment yesterday I was in intense pain for most of the day, but after dinner the pain broke and I’ve been pain free since!!”

I am not sure if the treatment was the main cause for her pain relief but I do know that Bio-Energy Healing sometimes works like a traffic-jam: you have to wait for the cars in front to move before your energy can flow freely. And when your energy is flowing freely then you feel great.

I will be seeing Gabriella again this week and I hope to work on other places on her body to get her energy flowing in more of  a balanced manner so that she can continue on her journey of finding health and happiness.

I’ll let you know how it goes!



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