June 2012:

I recently traveled to Calgary to meet and learn from the great Michael D’Alton himself. He is a world renowned Bio-Energy Healer, a teacher, and not to be excluded: a very funny Irishman.

I decided to fly across Canada to attend this seminar because I have always experienced what I like to call a kinesthetic ‘sensitivity’ to the energy of others. I can literally feel the emotions of other people just as easily as I can feel my own and I now know it is because feelings and emotions are palpable fields of energy.

Because I work as a Personal Trainer, I am constantly one-on-one with others, often contained in a small space separate from a larger group. This close working-relationship with my clients has convinced me of my energy suspicions as strange things often occur during sessions.

I began to notice that certain clients would drain me of my energy while others would energize me. At times, particularly when I was in a state of no-mind, clients’ thoughts would jump into my brain and when I would repeat the random message aloud, they would claim it as their own; surprised that I had said what they were just thinking. And most often I noticed my ability to easily guess the exact mental or emotional state of my clients simply by sharing a space with them.

After a couple of years of constantly feeling drained of energy from 30 – 40 hour training weeks, combined with countless ‘strange’ experiences, I began to research this recurring phenomenon. Words like ’empath’, ‘clairsentience’, ‘energy’, and ‘aura’ became regulars at my Google Search Bar.

After months of research, I came across a video of a man conducting Bio-Energy Healing on a woman who suffered from eczema. I watched as many videos of this man that I could find. It was apparent to me that the proof was on the screen and from that day on I was hooked. I went to Michael’s website and began learning as much as I could about his method. Initially I wanted to book a BEH session for myself, but since there are no practitioners in Toronto, flying across Canada became a necessity.

I attended the Level 1 Introductory Bio-Inspired Course and it was incredible. Not only did I learn 12 techniques to practice on others, but I also met some amazing individuals who share my interest and enthusiasm for human energy!

What is Bio-Energy Healing?

On the first day of the course I asked Michael:

“How do I explain this to my friends, family, and clients without sounding like I’ve just returned from Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft & Wizardry?” Here is what he told the class after a small laugh:

Bio-Energy Healing is a series of hand movements intended to open, unblock and clear the human energy centers located in all of our bodies. By using these hand movements, Bio-Energy Practitioners assist their clients in healing their own bodies by moving and clearing blocked energy.

Sounds cool, right? It is.

Adventures in Bio-Energy Healing:

This blog documents my adventures as a bio-energy healer who has just cleared the gates on a journey to get my practitioner certification. I am committed to practice on at least one person per day until I graduate as a Bio-Energy Healer.

As you will read, the effects are amazing and life changing – especially when it comes to perspective! I suspect that most times my friends, family, and clients will be just as surprised as I am about the outcome.

What on earth is an ‘Earth Witch’?

Some might say the ability to feel the emotions of others is what you would call an ‘Empath’. Others say the ‘gift’ of quantum thought from one to another is ‘Clairsentience’. My friends, who share my enthusiasm for all things mysterious, we call ourselves ‘Earth Witches’… and then we cackle!

So in the grand tradition of laughter, my favorite past time, I will indulge my friends and skeptics alike as I prove you all wrong with my Earth-Witch-Ways!

Enjoy, laugh, and stay energized!


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