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Georgia – Treatment Report, Session 1


Georgia is a really good friend of mine and I know a great deal about her personally. Of everyone I know I have shared the most with her about my energy passions; sharing books, websites, and various findings. Through these discussions she has become extremely interested in my new practice and drove a far distance for a treatment today.

After a couple of long talks pertaining to the bio energetic system, we concluded that the best plan would be for me to work on detoxifying her solar plexus chakra as her biggest challenge revolves around self confidence. So that is what I did.

For this treatment we began with a ‘grounding exercise’ – something I’ll only do at the start of a session if I feel comfortable with the individual and know they are open to it. I find that doing this at the start of a session helps the individual to relax and come into their body.

I was able to stay focused through out the session.

After the session was over, Georgia reported feeling ‘amazing’ and asked to just sit for a while to enjoy the feeling. She later reported feeling full body sensations during the session; dizziness in the beginning and later relief. She said she especially felt energy being moved around her head and reported that she did not want the session to end.

I should note that there was an extreme thunderstorm that was occurring during the session and I wonder what effects this would have on a bio energy healing session.

Sasha – Treatment Report, Session 1


Sasha came for a treatment to help with lower back pain and chronic issues stemming from her reproductive organs. She reported experiencing difficulty regulating mood as well has medical issues in her ovaries.

I worked predominantly on her sacral chakra and also her throat chakra. I should note that it was really nice to work on someone who is of a shorter stature as I did not have to reach or stand on tip-toe. During the session I did lose focus a couple of times so I am hoping to improve this part of my practice. I will hopefully learn some techniques to help keep me focused during Bio Energy Sessions to ensure that the sessions are of the best possibly quality.

After the session, Sasha reported feeling great and I could see that she was noticeably relaxed. She sat in my living room for a while afterwards because she said she didn’t think she could ride her bicycle safely.

Here is a note she wrote to me the day after the treatment:

During the treatment I could feel a lot of movement in my body, as well as outside of my body, especially out of the top of my head, making me feel very tall.  I could also feel pressure pulling and pushing my physical body around a little. I was trying incredibly hard to free my mind of thoughts, although not always successful. I did feel a couple pangs of pain on the right side of my lower abdomen – this is where most of my pain is located regularly.

 Right after the treatment I felt very relaxed. I couldn’t feel the energy being active as it was in the treatment, I felt very calm. The rest of the day there was no pain and I had a lot of energy. I was also able to communicate my feelings and frustrations openly to my partner which I wouldn’t normally be able to do.

 The next day I still felt no pain but I was incredibly tired. I took a long nap right after work, I ended up falling asleep at my studio around 11pm and slept there through the night because I had no energy to go home. I biked home at 6 am and slept for a couple hours. I feel great and well rested today. A little bit of the pain has returned, but only a little.

 I am so excited for my next treatment.


Treatment Report – Anonymous


I recently had the honour of treating a professional athlete. He had experienced a serious concussion and his trainer suggested he come and see me.

At the start of the visit I could sense he was very skeptical and he was clearly coerced into coming by his trainer. His trainer accompanied him to the session and he seldom spoke, allowing his trainer to answer most of the questions I asked. He was very tall, 6’5 to my measly 5 feet, so I was quite nervous to treat someone whose head I knew I could not reach over. Thankfully I consulted with Laine, one of my mentors, who rightly advised me on how to proceed properly.

I kept my concentration through out the treatment and was able to maintain a constant connection to his energy streams – only losing focus twice throughout but quickly returning my focus each time. As I began the detoxification process I noticed that he began to perspire a great deal – more so than what one would expect from an athlete who was statically standing in a warm room. When I asked him how he was doing he reported feeling very dizzy and needing to sit down. I worried that he might fall over and had to prompt him many times to try his best to stand up while I pulled over a chair. He wobbled and I held him up, finally letting go to quickly bring a seat to his aid.

When he sat I continued the session as I would have if he were still standing and I noticed that his reaction to the treatment eventually normalized within approximately 5-8 minutes. We completed the session and he reported feeling very dizzy at times and also reported feeling ‘things’ when I was working around his head region. He later reported to his trainer, who reported to me, that he felt great after the session.

I do not know if I will see this client again however I really hope I do. I could notice an immediate change in his affect after concluding the session.

So here’s to athletes and their individual journeys towards greatness! Bring.It.On!

Treatment Report – Lily Session 4


Quick Update: I treated Lily yesterday for her fourth treatment. She was experiencing a lot of work stress and some relationship problems. I first worked to teach her a meditation she could use to help with her relationship and then we got to the treatment.

I could tell that her mind was all over the place and she was having trouble concentrating. I don’t think it helped much that I stepped on a candle partway through the session spreading candle wax everywhere!

She reported feeling very little, which doesn’t surprise me since she was stuck in her mind for the majority of the session, however she did write me a quick note today saying that she had a fantastic sleep, she felt much more in control today, and felt ‘centered’.

I will be interested to hear how things go with her significant other!

Sonya – Treatment Report


Sonya is a competitive sprinter who lives in an athletes’ world; attending Olympic trials, training amongst champions, and constantly looking for ways to become the best she can be. Sonya and I met because I am a bit of an athlete-lover and we bonded instantly over our combined love for speedy, muscular legs. When I told her about my practice, she was instantly intrigued and scheduled a session right away!

In the beginning of Sonya’s session she could immediately feel what I was doing. She was excited and began to ask me questions. I told her that I could not answer questions because I am not even close to being ‘that good’ yet!

At the end of the treatment she reported feeling pulling from the top of her scalp to her feet as though she were about to be sucked into the ground by gravity. She also felt buzzing in her arms and an overall feeling of greatness.

As I concluded the treatment she had a large emotional release and began to cry. She said that she was unsure why but she just felt like crying and I suggested to her that she probably needed to release some pent up sadness – it was an educated guess, I suppose.

We didn’t work on a specific area because she is not an individual with pain so I explained to her that I felt a sharp sensation (best way I can describe it) when working on her sacral chakra and thought there may have been some trauma to that area so I worked there for the majority of the session. She then confirmed that there had in fact been trauma to that area and she was ‘lucky to be alive’. I intuitively knew that this was where the tears had come from.

After the session Sonya reported feeling like a champion. She also said that she would send every athlete she knew my way!

… Sounds like I’ll be in the athletic heaven for healing-hands pretty soon!

In any case, I am continually impressed with this healing modality and cannot wait to get back to Calgary for my next installment!

Gabriella Update – Treatment Report Session 3


I worked on Gabriella today for her third treatment. Since her second treatment she said that she feels more optimistic and more calm. She reported a better relationship with her partner; she feels noticeably less angry and explosive when a disagreement occurs. She also said that she received feedback from a friend who stated that there was a noticeable change in her energy.

My favorite part of her report however was when she said that she was having a lot of trouble explaining the treatments to friends as most people discount it as hocus-pocus. I say welcome to the club! You’re either open to it… or you’re not!

Today I worked on her sacral chakra, throat chakra, and her brow chakra. She said she could feel tingling in her arm this time and asked if that was normal (it is, some however are more sensitive to energy than others). After the session I gave her some tips on how to meditate and she reported feeling great.

I’ll be interested to see how much changes after this 3rd session. Personally I felt very in-tuned with Gabe through out the session. My thoughts were focused, my breathing was smooth and consistent, and I could feel that I didn’t lose connection with her energy through out the session.

Before the session began I felt very tired from my work day and was slightly anxious that the session would not be as good as it could be, but as soon as we began I was able to focus my presence. I felt happy about that.

I look forward to hearing her update on how today’s session went! I think it was one of the best yet!

Sam – Treatment Report


Sam heard that I was doing Bio Energy Healing and called me right away leaving a message on my voice mail and then calling back again to make an appointment.

I could hear in Sam’s voice that he was desperate for help and looking for a way to alleviate some work stress.

When Sam came over, I could see how tired he seemed. His posture slouched and he seemed to drag himself up the stairs to meet me just barely managing to put a smile across his face. Before we began Sam described the tensions he constantly felt at work and how some of his relationships with his colleagues made him feel out of place and left out. It seemed to him that the treatment he was receiving at work wasn’t meeting his expectations and he came for treatment to gain additional energy and positivity going forward.

Because many of the problems he described were of a social manner and also having to do with the workplace, I worked to open and detox his heart chakra and his solar plexus chakra.

As I began the treatment I could feel strong energy in most of his energy-streams and I worked to try and release some of his blockages. It seemed somehow fitting that someone who seemed so physically exhausted had the strongest energy I’d felt yet.

Through out the treatment Sam swayed and moved and after the treatment he reported feeling being pushed and pulled.

When the treatment was through Sam reported feeling exhausted and I gave him a glass of water while he sat.

Sam said he would contact me in the upcoming week to schedule a follow-up session.  I will be very interested to hear how he felt later that evening and the following day. He promised to keep me updated over email so I’ll keep you posted!

Gabriella – Treatment Report


Gabriella is a friend of mine who became interested in having a treatment after a long conversation about my course a couple of weeks ago. As the child of a mother who constantly used alternative methods for healing, Gabe was intrigued by a different type of healing.

Coincidentally Gabe scheduled her treatment with me right after a surgery which is routine in nature but painful to recover from. I saw her early in the day and could feel immediately a difference in the chakra directly relating to the area where the surgery had occurred. It felt different than anything I had felt before; like I was hitting sharp items with my hands. She later told me she was also feeling sharp pains in the area while I worked there.

I decided to work a bit extra on her heart chakra since I noticed it seemed blocked in comparison to lower chakras  and I worked extra time near the area where her surgery had occurred.

When the treatment was completed I asked Gabe if she felt anything. She said that she felt sharp pain at time but mostly stayed in her mind; asking herself questions on where she should be feeling things. I told her she would have a different experience during the second session and to let me know how she felt later that day.

Here is a note she wrote to me the following day:

“So I thought you’d be interested to know that after our treatment yesterday I was in intense pain for most of the day, but after dinner the pain broke and I’ve been pain free since!!”

I am not sure if the treatment was the main cause for her pain relief but I do know that Bio-Energy Healing sometimes works like a traffic-jam: you have to wait for the cars in front to move before your energy can flow freely. And when your energy is flowing freely then you feel great.

I will be seeing Gabriella again this week and I hope to work on other places on her body to get her energy flowing in more of  a balanced manner so that she can continue on her journey of finding health and happiness.

I’ll let you know how it goes!


Lily – Treatment Report (Session 2)


My friend Lily reported feeling great after her first session so she immediately booked another for Friday, the night before she had a 58K run planned.

She asked that I help with positivity and communication so in the case that her partner in crime punked-out on the run she would remain calm, happy, and positive.

I worked on opening / detoxing her 5th Chakra (the energy wheel located at the throat) and her 2nd Chakra (also known as the sacral chakra). I was very focused during the session and worked diligently at each energy location.

When we finished the session Lily began to feel ill, as if she were going to throw up. Her body temperature rose and she began to sweat. I gave  her a glass of water and asked her to sit and wait for the sensation to pass explaining that sometimes blocked energy is like a traffic jam; you have to wait for the cars in front to move out of the way before traffic can flow freely. I also explained that the feeling of sickness was due to energy detoxification, which is similar in feeling to drug detoxification.

Here is a note from Lily explaining how she felt during and after the session:

“Ok so, started out much more relaxed and prepared compared to last time.  No giggles.

At the beginning didn’t feel much other than some stronger pulling from my back. After a while my shoulders and arms felt extremely heavy and almost a dull pain. Tingly pin and needly fingertips even more so this session…almost hurting but not quite. Left side of face felt really numb and heavy, like a thick pos-dentist type of feeling.

One time I felt a weird pulling from my abdomen.

Once sitting, felt fine but definitely felt tingling and pulling from my feet when you went over them. I noticed my ability to clear my head had improved from last time, but racing thoughts would happen when you were near the edges of my hands and feet, almost as if you were pulling out the mind garbage…just nonsense type thoughts.

Once done felt VERY tired like I wanted to lie on the floor.  The wave of nausea happened a couple of minutes later… Cold excessive sweating, mouth watering, thirst, and serious sick feeling.  Haven’t felt like that since I had the flu really bad.

Passed, maybe what, 5 minutes later?  Felt fine.  Felt relaxed all the way home.  Got a pimple haha…detox happens through the skin so I guess that’s to be expected.

I felt crazy positive through the entire 7 hour journey the next day.  Heat, dehydration, massive heel blister, garter snakes, nothing bothered me, not even the fact that we had to slow way down because of Kev’s knee.  I tracked our distance and we actually were just a tad shy of the 50k goal…about 29 miles which is more than a marathon whoo!

Perhaps my camelback with magic tiger’s eye helped!

PS…my fucking feet hurt.  And my bum.”

Lily – Treatment Report


I gave a Bio Energy Healing treatment to my good friend ‘Lily’ last night.

Lily is driven, ambitious, successful, beautiful, and athletic. She has no pain in her body, she has a great job which allows her to be creative daily, and she is generally happy. Sometimes she has to remind herself not to get caught up in materialism and remember to express gratitude for her good health, but other than that, I’ve never known her to be unhappy… except that time her cat died.

When we began the treatment I noticed immediately that she had strong energy in all of her 7 energy centers – particularly at the brow & solar plexus, so I worked with the intention of balancing her energy centers.

Since she has been experiencing some challenges with relationships; particularly with her ability to know what is good for her and what is not, I decided to work on the heart center and the mind center (brow chakra).

When we ended the session she reported feeling all types of sensations through out the session – she felt pulling, tingling, strange sensations in her ears, and various small pains coming to the surface.

Here is a note she wrote to me later that night:

“You’re probably sleeping and I will be too shortly. I can’t wait until the next time! I want to take you out next week as a thank you. I had an overwhelming feeling of happiness on the way home… maybe the wine helped haha. I’m going to harness my inner earth witch dammit!”

One can’t be positive whether it was wine or not, but it does correspond with the work I did on the heart chakra which produces a feeling of joy when flowing clearly!

Lily did say that she would refer her boss, who I am dying to meet as she sounds like the epitome of cool, and also her good friend who is a surgeon-in-training. Both are interested in having treatments and I am glad to have practice subjects!

As for Lily… I should remind her to make her donation! And also remind her to constantly express gratitude for how awesome and beautiful she is!