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Bio Energy Healing For Athletes


To achieve athletic greatness, one must first achieve energetic integrity.

Athletes are individuals who have abnormal physical capabilities. They are humans who can control their bodies to a degree that is above and beyond what is considered ‘normal’. They are physically strong, seemingly energetic, and can move with speed, precision, and finesse. In order to achieve the status of ‘athlete’ one not only needs to train their muscles and hone them to a particular skill-set, but they must also achieve ‘energetic balance’. To achieve the status of athletic greatness however, one must also achieve ‘energetic integrity‘.

Energetic balance requires free-flowing energy through all 7 chakras. When energetic balance is achieved and maintained, an athlete will incur little to no injury, they will recover easily from all athletic feats (workouts, tough competition schedules, etc), and they will obtain the ability to treat their sport as a form of meditation where they are able to perform in a meditative state of being. They will experience less anxiety or nervousness and they will move with an endless flow of passion and creativity allowing them to excel to high levels.

Energetic integrity is based on the laws of the human magnetic field. This field that surrounds the body can work as a force field however it can become weakened by acts committed by the individual that go against the universal laws of ethics and humanity. In order for an athlete to achieve ‘energetic integrity’ they must act, in all instances (on and off the field), with integrity. Never out of selfishness, greed, manipulation or hypocrisy. Always from a place of passion, honesty, and humility; for the purposes of pure-play and fair competition (as opposed to the purposes of making money or becoming famous)-with the ultimate goal of inspiring.

Two perfect examples of great athletes who achieved both energetic balance and energetic integrity are Lionel Messi and Aryton Senna (pictured above). Their natural talents  and balanced energy systems allowed them to become good enough athletes to get noticed by the ‘big leagues’ but their personal integrity backed by their personal passion is what allowed them to become great. In both cases it was religious beliefs (or spirituality) that taught each to live and act with integrity (though I will duly note that religion is not necessary for an individual to follow the universal laws of ethics and humanity). Not only did they each achieve unmatched greatness in their sport, but they also helped many others along the way. Aryton Senna is personally responsible for giving hope to his entire country of Brasil during a time of extreme poverty when people were completely destitute and hopeless while Lionel Messi is known for his generous charitable contributions to his native Argentina. Both have inspired millions of people worldwide.

If you happen to be an athlete who has been resting (not-so)comfortably on your physically-gifted-laurels and you dream of achieving athletic greatness, consider learning more about your subtle body and its relationship to integrity. An easy way to work towards step 1 of the athletic journey is Bio Energy Healing. It can easily help an athlete achieve energetic balance by detoxifying, unblocking, and balancing the 7 chakras.

If you’re interested in achieving energetic integrity I’m afraid that’s up to you; the individual. When you achieve it, you will no doubt reach greatness.

The Art of Manifestation


Manifestation is the act of making your inspiration a reality. Through meditation, intention-setting, the clearing of the subtle energy streams and of course laser-sharp focus, one can manifest their dreams.

For the past couple of months I have been working towards moving in the direction of my ‘true-life’s purpose’ because what I desire is for my life to be a positive contribution to the world of the best possible concoction. As I come closer and closer to this realization; the exact nature of my life purpose as well as all of the steps needed to get me there, I am slowly but consciously learning the ways of manifestation.

As I first began to concentrate on my true desire, what I learned was that things are very quiet at first; as one learns how to meditate and focus their attention clearly much waiting is necessary. But as soon as things begin to manifest into reality, things begin to happen rapidly and excitement follows.

This week great things are beginning to happen for me. My dreams of becoming an amazing coach and role model to young female athletes is beginning to take shape and I am beginning to see each puzzle piece laid out before my eyes.

I’m excited!

…time to meditate.

Bio Energy Healing Update


Those of you who have been following along from the beginning know that I am a sports coach who stumbled upon this new modality of healing and fell instantly in love. Since I returned home from the course I took with Michael D’Alton last month I have been faithfully blogging, practicing my new-found skills on friends, clients, and even some strangers, and in addition reading as much about the energy field, the chakras, and energy healing modalities as time will allow.

With all of that said, I have not practiced in over a week! I taught a sports camp last week, ‘summered’ during both weekends in between, and haven’t read a thing about energy during that time. I even dreamt last night that I was back in Michael’s course and he was asking us if we had practised what was required of us. In the dream I had not and I was regretful.

I am taking this as a wake-up call! While I love coaching and see it as one of my unique skills, I also love Bio-Energy Healing and have dreams of becoming great at it.

Here is the fact: You cannot become great at anything you do not focus your attention to.

Thus I will shift my attention back to where it needs to be and will move BEH – Practice up to the front seat (beside summer).

I am officially open for some hands-off business.

… now off to meditate!


I know I use a lot of OSHO quotes on this blog but it’s because a lot of the things he says resonates with me. Here is a quote of his on education. I believe he is right:


“My vision of a right education is to teach people how to grow the ego and how to be able to drop it; how to become great minds and yet be ready any moment to put the mind aside. You should be able to just put your personality, your ego, your mind, on and off, because these are good things if you can use them. But you should know the mechanism, how to put them off. Right now you know only how to put them on.”


Inspiration on Education

Grounding: A Great Way To Gain Energy


Today was an odd day… in a great way!

I stepped out of my usual, withdrawn comfort zone (a product of a deficient heart chakra) and contacted a coworker asking her if I could join in on one of her training sessions.

She is a competitive sprinter and I am what I like to call an Aging-Lacrosse-Enthusiast with fast twitch muscle fibers.

I wanted to work with her primarily to learn some new ideas and techniques to bring to my private coaching practice and she sweetly agreed to let me tag along.

We completed a 2-hour, 30 minute long sprint-workout on the University of Toronto Campus completely barefoot! Although this is my coworkers preferred method of training, it was something I had never tried before.

All I can say is I am absolutely addicted. And believe me friends… it’s not because I love running!

“Grounding” is an energetic technique used to draw energy up from the earth through your bare feet. As the energy passes through your Root Chakra it is distributed throughout your body – providing boundless energy, quicker recovery, better sleep, and overall less pain and stress. Grounding happens most powerfully when our human feet touch the bare ground – without the rubber, plastic, and cork that usually separates our feet from the ground.

While I have just recently begun learning about this technique, as well as companies like Earthing Canada – a company that sell kits to help you ‘Ground’ any time any place, I have never quite experienced what it feels like until today.

Through out the entire workout I felt strong, energized, happy, and extremely powerful. Plus I recovered 100% quicker than normal and had energy to keep on going. Normally I feel winded after 2 small laps around the field. Today was different. My level of  exertion did in no way match my level of fatigue; it was very noticeable.

Even now, as I sit on my couch expecting my body to ask for sleep I still feel full of energy! In fact, I plan to ride my bike up the GIANT hill on my street just to buy some gelato for dessert tonight (I deserve that shit!).

In conclusion fellow Energy Enthusiasts, I cannot wait to do it again and I definitely cannot recommend barefoot running enough!


Oops… I Did It Again!


So I have this reoccurring habit of making commitments that I don’t always keep.

The latest commitment I made was to practice on at least one person every single day until I returned to Calgary. Unfortunately, this commitment, like many past commitments, has not exactly manifested into reality.

I made this promise as a way to remain enthusiastic, to improve my skills (…my bio-energy healing skills, not my dance skills!), and finally to establish my commitment to this incredible modality of healing.

The good news is that although I have not treated someone every day, due mostly in part to distractions like EuroCup 2012, hanging with my friends, and SUMMER, I have averaged about 3-4 treatments per week on real people.

In addition to my 3-4 treatments per week, I have also put up posters around town, I’ve been writing on this blog twice daily, I am studying like a fiend, and I am obviously extremely enthusiastic.

I am not sure what my failure to stick with my commitment means, but I do not feel bad since my goals are still being met. That said, irregardless of this small failure or rather plan-deviation, I am still focused on attracting individuals to try bio-energy healing so that come January, I have a full-on practice in hand.

Take that Britney!