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Calgary first, then back in Toronto…


Today was my first day back home in Toronto and I spent the majority of the day meditating on all of the changes I want to make in my life; particularly in regards to my career.

How do I incorporate my new skills into my everyday life without freaking people out? How am I going to go back to work now that I have this new modality that can benefit people more than what I was doing before?

I decided that practicing each day and blogging about it is the answer!

While I was in Calgary I was blessed to meet some incredible individuals. It was that rare but beautiful feeling of being around the like-minded. I say rare because obviously if I am writing a blog called The Earth Witch Confessionals, I’m not your run-of-the-mill type of gal.

The hosts of my stay were called Ross & Pablo. Two extremely nice, open-minded individuals who let me practice on them while I was there.

I gave Pablo a treatment on Sunday night and he said it felt amazing. He said he could feel exactly where I was moving the energy around his body even though I never touched him once and he kept his eyes sealed shut. He also said it felt like he was being pulled around like a magnet. He reported feeling very relaxed afterwards. In his exact words, with a slight Mexican accent he said: ” It was so beautiful!”

Yesterday, first thing in the morning before I left to catch my flight, I gave Ross a treatment. I decided to detoxify his heart Chakra because I could tell he was suppressing some emotional pain. While I was working on his heart energy he began to feel dizzy and then sick (which is a usual side effect of clearing blocked energy – the same thing happened to me during my first treatment). We actually had to stop for a moment because he thought he was going to throw up. I insisted that we finish the treatment and when we finished he said that a giant weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He confided in me that he had gone through a difficult time the past year and the stress he felt from that time felt as though it had dissipated.

I was super excited for him and referred him to the BEH Practitioner in Calgary so that he can continue getting results. I was also super excited about my new skills! A little bit of shock and awe ensued.

He emailed me this note last night:

“Thank-you so much! I had so much pressure released  from me today. It was amazing. I left work a few hours early to come home for a nap. The exercise took a lot of energy, but was so worth it. :)”

I can’t wait to hear how Ross’ future treatments go and I can’t wait to visit with both him and Pablo when I get back to Calgary this summer.

Tonight I will practice on my husband which will be very interesting. It will be his first treatment and because he is a giant skeptic, I plan on doing my very best work. In fact, I spent a good portion of the day setting up the spare room as a lovely treatment room just for him.

I am anticipating, with invisible joy, turning him over to the light-side! Whether it takes me one session or 10, I will!