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Your Chakras and Their Correlating Addictions


Do you suffer from addictions and wonder what that says about you energetically? Here is a great chart from ‘The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy’ by Cyndi Dale. This chart helps you to figure out your energetic problem areas.

Chakras as They Correlate to Addictions & Behaviors

First Chakra: Hard drugs, alcohol, work sex, being ill or sick, getting in accidents, exercise, cutting, sadistic or masochistic behaviors, spending, debt, milk, fat, and meat.

Second Chakra: Gluten, wheat, starchy carbohydrates, grain-based alcohol, chocolate, certain or all emotions (as in emotionalism).

Third Chakra: Work, perfectionism, marijuana, caffeine, carbonated beverages, corn-based alcohol, beer, and corn-processed sugar.

Fourth Chakra: Ecstacy (the drug); love (as in having to be in love all the time); specific relationships (persons you can’t “let go of”); smoking, wine, sugar, sweets, and false sugars, such as saccharin or aspartame.

Fifth Chakra: Compulsive talking or reading; compulsive overeating; smoking or chewing tobacco.

Sixth Chakra: Self-hatred (as in poor body image); appearances (as in compulsively worrying about); chocolate; and all mood-altering substances and behaviors, including hand-washing, criticalness, and more.

Seventh Chakra: “Uppers” or “downers”; fanatical religion; prayer or meditation to avoid reality; depression or anxiety

Energetic Solutions


For one week straight I have been experiencing stomach issues; my stomach was hurting and my digestion was irregular.

Having stomach pain is very abnormal for me, however I noticed that my stomach pain was coinciding with a very negative interaction I was having with a former work colleague of my mine who I was quite close with.

Because the negative interaction was connected to work it made sense that my stomach was the affected area as the Solar Plexus Chakra is not only related to work, but also to the stomach and digestive system.

As soon as I made the connection, which was later than I would like to admit, I began to employ some simple energetic solutions that quickly did the trick!

I first meditated, intuitively checking through each of my chakras; working to remove any blockages. I then focused on my solar plexus chakra to kindly remove or ‘cut’ any energetic cords that were in existence between my former colleague and myself. I then completed some positive intention setting with Rose Quartz which I placed in my water bottle to drink. Finally I went outside, took my shoes off, and did some grounding exercises.

I felt instantly better. My stomach ache is gone. My lack-of-work anxiety is gone. And I feel optimistic that the correct opportunities will be placed before me.

Now off to express some gratitude for easy energetic solutions!


If you’re interested in learning more about ‘energetic solutions’, I suggest you read a book called: ‘Energetic Boundaries’ by Cyndi Dale. She is an energy master, clairvoyant, and a healer.

Awesome Speech on The Human Magnetic Field


Manly Palmer Hall (1901-1990) is a famous, Canadian-born writer and philosopher. Below is a speech he made about The Human Magnetic Field.

It is long but worth your time if you’re interested in the human energy field. He touches upon many different points that affect our society energetically.

I think it is brilliant.

What is Bio-Energy?


People throw the word energy around as often and thoughtlessly as teenagers use the word ‘like’. People say things like: “I have low energy”, “I have no energy”, and I’ve even heard people say “My kids have too much energy!”

All too often they view the term energy as a saying; an imaginary and invisible ‘thing’ with no real substance when in fact energy is as real as the keyboard I’m typing on… it just moves at a different frequency that your eyes may not be able to see.

So what is the real definition of energy?

We know that energy comes from the universe; particularly we’re taught it comes from the sun.

We also know that energy exists within the earth – this is apparent when a volcano erupts, an earthquake shakes, or a seedling sprouts from the ground and reaches its leaves up towards the light.

But did you know that human beings are also made of energy? And not only are we made of it and from it, but it is the force that keeps us healthy, vibrant, and alive. When it is blocked, we become diseased.

The body’s natural energy centers:

The human body has many energy centers and the main energy centers are often referred to as ‘Chakras’; an ancient Hindu term literally meaning  “wheel”, “disk” or “centre” in Samskrit. These ‘Chakras or spinning wheels of energy are located in 7 different areas on our bodies; each one corresponding to different organs, emotions, and life cycles (as in our choices, relationships, communication, creativity, intuition, and physical / mental stability). There are 5 horizontal streams of energy that  manifest our personality and relationship with the outside world and there are 2 vertical streams that feed energy from the earth and from the cosmos or universe into our system the same way electrical cords plug into  outlets. There are also energy meridians that connect inside of our bodies to disperse the energy that is being filtered in from the chakras.

(In the picture shown, the large, circular, coloured streams are chakras, the colored lines are energy meridians, and the white light surrounding the body is the energy charged aura or torus that is created by the chakras)

What is blocked energy?

Stress, anger, trauma, injury, sickness, heartbreak, loss, negative thinking patterns, fear, guilt, and blame are all examples of things that cause the human bio-energy centers to become blocked.

When energy centers become blocked for long periods of time and are not cleared, illness occurs. This illness can come in the form of weight gain, back pain, arthritis, loss of eye sight, loss of hearing, cancer – our bodies are actually very creative in expressing illness.

Most people simply do not realize the powerful impact that their thought streams have on their health. Nor do we understand the negative effects of moving against our personal intuitive grains – working at jobs we hate, remaining in unhealthy relationships, etc. Negative thoughts, such as fear, guilt, and blame, clog up and block energy centers leaving human beings feeling tired, cranky, sick, and finally diseased if it goes untreated for long enough.

What can you do to clear your energy?

One of the first things you can do to clear your energy and become healthier is learn more about it.

A great book on human energy is: The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale. Once you know more about how your personal energetic subtle body works, you can begin changing your thought streams and also your health.

Purchasing the Bio-Chip is also a great way to learn more about your energy system.

And of course, you can also try some Bio-Energy Healing sessions. If you’re in Toronto, perhaps I can help! If you’re in Calgary or Vancouver, I can point you in the right direction as well.