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Earth Witch Tip #4: Alter Your Brainwaves


Did you know you can download music that will:

  • Help you to become mentally focused
  • Help you to sleep deeply
  • Help you to relax
  • Help you to enter into a meditative state

By using special tones called ‘binural beats’, musicians likeĀ  Jefferey Thompson create soundscapes that assist you in relaxation, healing, meditation, focus, clarity, and deep sleep.

You can go to www.SoundsTrue.com to download from a large selection of music that will assist you in athletic achievement, better sleep, meditative practice, or relaxation.

I use the Alpha Relaxation System 2.0– designed for focus and clarity, when I am reading, riding the subway, treating clients, or meditating! But I am fix’in to download some new stuff!