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Oops… I Did It Again!


So I have this reoccurring habit of making commitments that I don’t always keep.

The latest commitment I made was to practice on at least one person every single day until I returned to Calgary. Unfortunately, this commitment, like many past commitments, has not exactly manifested into reality.

I made this promise as a way to remain enthusiastic, to improve my skills (…my bio-energy healing skills, not my dance skills!), and finally to establish my commitment to this incredible modality of healing.

The good news is that although I have not treated someone every day, due mostly in part to distractions like EuroCup 2012, hanging with my friends, and SUMMER, I have averaged about 3-4 treatments per week on real people.

In addition to my 3-4 treatments per week, I have also put up posters around town, I’ve been writing on this blog twice daily, I am studying like a fiend, and I am obviously extremely enthusiastic.

I am not sure what my failure to stick with my commitment means, but I do not feel bad since my goals are still being met. That said, irregardless of this small failure or rather plan-deviation, I am still focused on attracting individuals to try bio-energy healing so that come January, I have a full-on practice in hand.

Take that Britney!