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Confessional: It’s been a long time, I shouldn’tve left you…


I just returned from Calgary yesterday and when I say the trip was incredible, that is a gross understatement.

I learned new techniques, made some amazing friends, had 3 treatments from Laine-the-Great which left me feeling absolutely glorious, and I had the honour of learning  from Michael D’Alton himself.

I am currently managing my work schedule, my internship (working under a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor), and a heavy homework schedule.

I will be returning to Calgary in late September but in the mean time I have committed to reaching some goals; like doing what I say I’m going to do and becoming the best Bio Energy Healer I possibly can.

That said, I must practice on at least one person (or more) each day, read over and review course material, conduct case studies, and return with mad skills–Hermione Granger style!

As of today, I am fully booked for the upcoming week but have lots of open slots in the upcoming weeks!

So, if you’re in Toronto, and you would like to try a course of treatment (5 Sessions of Bio Energy Healing), email me!

I am trading treatments for client referrals!

As far as blogging goes, I will be blogging as much as I can fit in now that my course load has picked up!

And as a means of making up for neglecting this site, where Earth Witches come to unite, I leave you this wonderful video from the year 2000.


Confessions: Earth Witch Blabber


What I look like when I’m happy! …baby goats are SO cute, right?

Have I mentioned lately how excited I am to return to Calgary for my next installment in Bio – Energy Healing?

So far my results from practicing on colleagues, clients, & friends has been incredible. With exception to the Skeptical Husband, almost everyone has reported amazing results!

… and I’m only a beginner which exemplifies the fact that my potential is limitless.

Not only am I excited to learn additional techniques from Michael D’Alton himself,  and bring this knowledge back to ‘The Big (and Awesome) Smoke’, but I cannot wait to reconnect with the friends I made while I was there last time  (fellow Earth Witches unite!). This time I suspect we’ll be spending more time together outside of class!

The countdown has officially begun!


Sonya – Treatment Report


Sonya is a competitive sprinter who lives in an athletes’ world; attending Olympic trials, training amongst champions, and constantly looking for ways to become the best she can be. Sonya and I met because I am a bit of an athlete-lover and we bonded instantly over our combined love for speedy, muscular legs. When I told her about my practice, she was instantly intrigued and scheduled a session right away!

In the beginning of Sonya’s session she could immediately feel what I was doing. She was excited and began to ask me questions. I told her that I could not answer questions because I am not even close to being ‘that good’ yet!

At the end of the treatment she reported feeling pulling from the top of her scalp to her feet as though she were about to be sucked into the ground by gravity. She also felt buzzing in her arms and an overall feeling of greatness.

As I concluded the treatment she had a large emotional release and began to cry. She said that she was unsure why but she just felt like crying and I suggested to her that she probably needed to release some pent up sadness – it was an educated guess, I suppose.

We didn’t work on a specific area because she is not an individual with pain so I explained to her that I felt a sharp sensation (best way I can describe it) when working on her sacral chakra and thought there may have been some trauma to that area so I worked there for the majority of the session. She then confirmed that there had in fact been trauma to that area and she was ‘lucky to be alive’. I intuitively knew that this was where the tears had come from.

After the session Sonya reported feeling like a champion. She also said that she would send every athlete she knew my way!

… Sounds like I’ll be in the athletic heaven for healing-hands pretty soon!

In any case, I am continually impressed with this healing modality and cannot wait to get back to Calgary for my next installment!

Calgary first, then back in Toronto…


Today was my first day back home in Toronto and I spent the majority of the day meditating on all of the changes I want to make in my life; particularly in regards to my career.

How do I incorporate my new skills into my everyday life without freaking people out? How am I going to go back to work now that I have this new modality that can benefit people more than what I was doing before?

I decided that practicing each day and blogging about it is the answer!

While I was in Calgary I was blessed to meet some incredible individuals. It was that rare but beautiful feeling of being around the like-minded. I say rare because obviously if I am writing a blog called The Earth Witch Confessionals, I’m not your run-of-the-mill type of gal.

The hosts of my stay were called Ross & Pablo. Two extremely nice, open-minded individuals who let me practice on them while I was there.

I gave Pablo a treatment on Sunday night and he said it felt amazing. He said he could feel exactly where I was moving the energy around his body even though I never touched him once and he kept his eyes sealed shut. He also said it felt like he was being pulled around like a magnet. He reported feeling very relaxed afterwards. In his exact words, with a slight Mexican accent he said: ” It was so beautiful!”

Yesterday, first thing in the morning before I left to catch my flight, I gave Ross a treatment. I decided to detoxify his heart Chakra because I could tell he was suppressing some emotional pain. While I was working on his heart energy he began to feel dizzy and then sick (which is a usual side effect of clearing blocked energy – the same thing happened to me during my first treatment). We actually had to stop for a moment because he thought he was going to throw up. I insisted that we finish the treatment and when we finished he said that a giant weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He confided in me that he had gone through a difficult time the past year and the stress he felt from that time felt as though it had dissipated.

I was super excited for him and referred him to the BEH Practitioner in Calgary so that he can continue getting results. I was also super excited about my new skills! A little bit of shock and awe ensued.

He emailed me this note last night:

“Thank-you so much! I had so much pressure released  from me today. It was amazing. I left work a few hours early to come home for a nap. The exercise took a lot of energy, but was so worth it. :)”

I can’t wait to hear how Ross’ future treatments go and I can’t wait to visit with both him and Pablo when I get back to Calgary this summer.

Tonight I will practice on my husband which will be very interesting. It will be his first treatment and because he is a giant skeptic, I plan on doing my very best work. In fact, I spent a good portion of the day setting up the spare room as a lovely treatment room just for him.

I am anticipating, with invisible joy, turning him over to the light-side! Whether it takes me one session or 10, I will!