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Treatment Report – Lily Session 4


Quick Update: I treated Lily yesterday for her fourth treatment. She was experiencing a lot of work stress and some relationship problems. I first worked to teach her a meditation she could use to help with her relationship and then we got to the treatment.

I could tell that her mind was all over the place and she was having trouble concentrating. I don’t think it helped much that I stepped on a candle partway through the session spreading candle wax everywhere!

She reported feeling very little, which doesn’t surprise me since she was stuck in her mind for the majority of the session, however she did write me a quick note today saying that she had a fantastic sleep, she felt much more in control today, and felt ‘centered’.

I will be interested to hear how things go with her significant other!

Oops… I Did It Again!


So I have this reoccurring habit of making commitments that I don’t always keep.

The latest commitment I made was to practice on at least one person every single day until I returned to Calgary. Unfortunately, this commitment, like many past commitments, has not exactly manifested into reality.

I made this promise as a way to remain enthusiastic, to improve my skills (…my bio-energy healing skills, not my dance skills!), and finally to establish my commitment to this incredible modality of healing.

The good news is that although I have not treated someone every day, due mostly in part to distractions like EuroCup 2012, hanging with my friends, and SUMMER, I have averaged about 3-4 treatments per week on real people.

In addition to my 3-4 treatments per week, I have also put up posters around town, I’ve been writing on this blog twice daily, I am studying like a fiend, and I am obviously extremely enthusiastic.

I am not sure what my failure to stick with my commitment means, but I do not feel bad since my goals are still being met. That said, irregardless of this small failure or rather plan-deviation, I am still focused on attracting individuals to try bio-energy healing so that come January, I have a full-on practice in hand.

Take that Britney!