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Watch This Documentary!


If you’re reading this blog then chances are you have an ‘alternative’ way of thinking.

Thus you should check out this documentary!

I purchased this documentary this past winter and I enjoyed it very much. The concepts are fresh and hopeful and the commentary from some of the scholars included in this movie took me in a different direction of thought.

All of this week I have been talking about consciousness and it reminded me of this movie “Visions”. In the movie, Barbara Marx Hubbard, a well known futurist, talks about an experience of ascension that she had when she was young. This experience helped to shape this concept of ‘conscious evolution’.

If she, and many others who believe that thought-streams create our reality are right; if in fact our future on this planet depends on these ‘thought-streams’, then this movie helps those who have very little understanding of the concept.

It is interesting and in the very least, much more inspiring and hopeful than Doomsday Prophesies and the likes!

Check out the trailer and here is the website: