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Energetic Solutions


For one week straight I have been experiencing stomach issues; my stomach was hurting and my digestion was irregular.

Having stomach pain is very abnormal for me, however I noticed that my stomach pain was coinciding with a very negative interaction I was having with a former work colleague of my mine who I was quite close with.

Because the negative interaction was connected to work it made sense that my stomach was the affected area as the Solar Plexus Chakra is not only related to work, but also to the stomach and digestive system.

As soon as I made the connection, which was later than I would like to admit, I began to employ some simple energetic solutions that quickly did the trick!

I first meditated, intuitively checking through each of my chakras; working to remove any blockages. I then focused on my solar plexus chakra to kindly remove or ‘cut’ any energetic cords that were in existence between my former colleague and myself. I then completed some positive intention setting with Rose Quartz which I placed in my water bottle to drink. Finally I went outside, took my shoes off, and did some grounding exercises.

I felt instantly better. My stomach ache is gone. My lack-of-work anxiety is gone. And I feel optimistic that the correct opportunities will be placed before me.

Now off to express some gratitude for easy energetic solutions!


If you’re interested in learning more about ‘energetic solutions’, I suggest you read a book called: ‘Energetic Boundaries’ by Cyndi Dale. She is an energy master, clairvoyant, and a healer.

Earth Witch Tip #1: Programming Water


Did you know that you can program your water with intention?

This is one of my favorite tricks.  By using a gemstone and a little meditation, you can ‘drink your dreams’; thus reminding yourself of your intentions and increasing the probability of their fruition.

You can help heal disease or illness, keep a calm or enthusiastic mood, or even attract new opportunities.

Try it:

  • Take a Rose Quartz gemstone and place it in your right hand
  • Sit in a comfortable position, in a place where you will not be disturbed
  • Begin taking deep breaths as you would when you are meditating
  • Concentrate on the stone in your hand and clear your mind of any random thoughts
  • When you are relaxed and you’ve stopped thinking about EuroCup Soccer players from Spain, begin to program the stone

Some example intentions or programs I’ve used in the past:

I am inviting positive, enthusiastic energy to my day

I am opening myself up to loving and romantic experiences

I am inviting fun and laughter into my day

  • After you’ve repeated your program a minimum of 3 times, take 3-5 long deep breaths, concentrating on the energy emitting from the stone
  • Place the gemstone in your water bottle and drink all day!

Your stone will maintain its program until someone other than yourself touches it. If this happens you can intuitively clear the stone and reprogram it with a positive intention. Each sip of water will reminds you of your intention and you will vibrate at the frequency which will attract what you desire.