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Root Chakra: Mind-Body Connection


The Root Chakra, the first, vertical energy wheel closest to the ground, is responsible for our stability, grounding, health, and our connection to the body.

Perhaps its widespread dysfunction is the reason the world at large seems to be lacking moral boundaries, is in constant disarray, and is seemingly chaotic.

Anodea Judith, in her book Eastern Body Western Mind, says it best when she writes:

“Disconnection from the body is a cultural epidemic. Of all the losses rupturing the human soul today, this alienation may be the most alarming because it separates us from the very roots of existence. With jobs that are degrading, routines that are automatic, and environments that annihilate our senses, we lose the joy that arises from the dynamic connection with the only living presence we are guaranteed to have for the whole of our lives: our body.

Dissociation produces dangerously disconnected actions. Senseless killing and drive-by shootings (where another’s body is seen as lifeless and meaningless, a thing of one’s own) pervade newscasts, met with morbid fascination by anonymous viewers. Women annihilate or silicone their curves to meet the cultural norm of model figures plastered on billboards and magazines. Men pound  their flesh into submission to build a sense of power, often numbing their sensations and feeling. Many people fall into addictions, numbing their aliveness with food, drugs, or compulsive activities. Children are beaten, molested, and marshaled into obedience, driven from their own young bodies before they even learn to understand them, driven by disembodied adults who know not what they annihilate.”

If we were to individually correct and reestablish the connection between our minds and our bodies, would we then also reconnect with the earth, thus beginning on the path to making the world a better, more beautiful, and safer place?

It makes sense to me.