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Inspiration on Ascension


Ascension is the journey of evolution towards ‘Universal Humanity’. A universal human is a human being that can see beyond looks, race, gender; is compassionate and loving; operates with energetic integrity; and views all creatures as beings of great value on our planet.

Some describe ascension as the act of meeting or speaking directly with God or the Divine Power Source. Others describe ascension in a literal sense as the soul ‘ascending’ out of the physical body to experience the collective consciousness of all beings.

For those of you who are interested in this interesting topic of energetic development, as I am, here is an awesome video that made me want to run out and hug some dolphins! It talks about the signs of ascension. If you are experiencing these signs, you will thoroughly enjoy this video!

…and it’s major Earth-Witchiness!

Take A Free Course at Harvard!


“Let’s go fuck up some smaart kehds”

Manly P Hall is one of my favorite philosophers. He may have never taught at Harvard, but he should have.

If you ever wonder how you can contribute to making the world a better place or how to enhance society, take this free course by author and philosopher Manly P. Hall.

These talks are some of the most intelligent and thought provoking speeches I have ever heard.

Glad I didn’t pay for an education at Harvard when I can get this stuff for free! Enjoy this amazing series of lectures called ‘The Wisdom Series’

Inspiration: An Idea Worth Spreading…


How are you on this fine Sunday afternoon?

I posted this 18 days ago, but not many people watched it so I am posting it again!

Watch it. It brings tears of appreciation and gratitude to my eyes every time…

It’s brilliant.

Inspiration on Meditation


I am re-listening to the speech given by Manly P. Hall. Here is a quote I found interesting:

“Meditation is a mood for the distribution of energy. The power of meditation has to do with the use of magnetic energy. Therefore the problem of meditation is very simple. You say to yourself; I want to develop a higher grade or higher level of integrity, therefore through meditation and the dedication of the highest principles that I know, I will achieve a great improvement in character.

– Manly Palmer Hall

According to MPH, ‘Integrity’ is what keeps the Human Bio Energy Field healthy and impenetrable.


Watch This Movie!


So my husband picked this movie last night on Netflix Canada. Most everything on Netflix Canada is embarrassingly-dated… except this movie which was released in 2011.

And while I fully admit that I am a terrible judge of cinema quality; usually sacrificing good plot for good acting, I think this movie was pretty good – serving a more important purpose than plain entertainment.

The Way inspires you to see life differently; to look below the minutia of daily life. And it also introduces you an epic adventure that you might like to take someday. I definitely do!

Check out the trailer…

Inspiration: A Gratitude Experiment


Most spiritual gurus and healers agree: Gratitude is the most important virtue.

The ability to express gratitude for everything you DO HAVE can heal your heart, bring happiness into your life!

Try it today!

Think of 3 things you are grateful for and express genuine, full-body thanks to the invisible powers all around us!

Not convinced? here’s what Mr. Deepak Chopra has to say about it:

Inspiration: On Being Silent


Here is a video of famous seer and philosopher, Osho, talking about being silent.

He has a very wise way of speaking and you can tell that he is waiting to receive an answer from ‘another source’ before he begins speaking.

He’s great, I truly appreciate his universal intelligence.