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“The illusion is we are only physical.”
Vanna Bonta, Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel


Inspiration for Meditation


I have finally learned to meditate.

It took me years, but I now do it all the time.

The thing about meditation is that you don’t need a fancy place to do it and you must be patient.

Here is what Osho, one of my favorite philosophers, has to say about patience:

“The disciple who can wait will find all his questions answered at the right moment. But waiting is a great quality: it is deep patience, it is great trust. The mind cannot wait, it is always in a hurry. It knows nothing about patience; hence it goes on piling questions upon questions without getting the answer.”

It’s no good to meditate and ask 100 questions. You ask one at a time and then clear your mind while you patiently wait for your answer.