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Confessional: It’s been a long time, I shouldn’tve left you…


I just returned from Calgary yesterday and when I say the trip was incredible, that is a gross understatement.

I learned new techniques, made some amazing friends, had 3 treatments from Laine-the-Great which left me feeling absolutely glorious, and I had the honour of learning  from Michael D’Alton himself.

I am currently managing my work schedule, my internship (working under a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor), and a heavy homework schedule.

I will be returning to Calgary in late September but in the mean time I have committed to reaching some goals; like doing what I say I’m going to do and becoming the best Bio Energy Healer I possibly can.

That said, I must practice on at least one person (or more) each day, read over and review course material, conduct case studies, and return with mad skills–Hermione Granger style!

As of today, I am fully booked for the upcoming week but have lots of open slots in the upcoming weeks!

So, if you’re in Toronto, and you would like to try a course of treatment (5 Sessions of Bio Energy Healing), email me!

I am trading treatments for client referrals!

As far as blogging goes, I will be blogging as much as I can fit in now that my course load has picked up!

And as a means of making up for neglecting this site, where Earth Witches come to unite, I leave you this wonderful video from the year 2000.


Confessions: Earth Witch Blabber


What I look like when I’m happy! …baby goats are SO cute, right?

Have I mentioned lately how excited I am to return to Calgary for my next installment in Bio – Energy Healing?

So far my results from practicing on colleagues, clients, & friends has been incredible. With exception to the Skeptical Husband, almost everyone has reported amazing results!

… and I’m only a beginner which exemplifies the fact that my potential is limitless.

Not only am I excited to learn additional techniques from Michael D’Alton himself,  and bring this knowledge back to ‘The Big (and Awesome) Smoke’, but I cannot wait to reconnect with the friends I made while I was there last time  (fellow Earth Witches unite!). This time I suspect we’ll be spending more time together outside of class!

The countdown has officially begun!


Sonya – Treatment Report


Sonya is a competitive sprinter who lives in an athletes’ world; attending Olympic trials, training amongst champions, and constantly looking for ways to become the best she can be. Sonya and I met because I am a bit of an athlete-lover and we bonded instantly over our combined love for speedy, muscular legs. When I told her about my practice, she was instantly intrigued and scheduled a session right away!

In the beginning of Sonya’s session she could immediately feel what I was doing. She was excited and began to ask me questions. I told her that I could not answer questions because I am not even close to being ‘that good’ yet!

At the end of the treatment she reported feeling pulling from the top of her scalp to her feet as though she were about to be sucked into the ground by gravity. She also felt buzzing in her arms and an overall feeling of greatness.

As I concluded the treatment she had a large emotional release and began to cry. She said that she was unsure why but she just felt like crying and I suggested to her that she probably needed to release some pent up sadness – it was an educated guess, I suppose.

We didn’t work on a specific area because she is not an individual with pain so I explained to her that I felt a sharp sensation (best way I can describe it) when working on her sacral chakra and thought there may have been some trauma to that area so I worked there for the majority of the session. She then confirmed that there had in fact been trauma to that area and she was ‘lucky to be alive’. I intuitively knew that this was where the tears had come from.

After the session Sonya reported feeling like a champion. She also said that she would send every athlete she knew my way!

… Sounds like I’ll be in the athletic heaven for healing-hands pretty soon!

In any case, I am continually impressed with this healing modality and cannot wait to get back to Calgary for my next installment!

Gabriella Update – Treatment Report Session 3


I worked on Gabriella today for her third treatment. Since her second treatment she said that she feels more optimistic and more calm. She reported a better relationship with her partner; she feels noticeably less angry and explosive when a disagreement occurs. She also said that she received feedback from a friend who stated that there was a noticeable change in her energy.

My favorite part of her report however was when she said that she was having a lot of trouble explaining the treatments to friends as most people discount it as hocus-pocus. I say welcome to the club! You’re either open to it… or you’re not!

Today I worked on her sacral chakra, throat chakra, and her brow chakra. She said she could feel tingling in her arm this time and asked if that was normal (it is, some however are more sensitive to energy than others). After the session I gave her some tips on how to meditate and she reported feeling great.

I’ll be interested to see how much changes after this 3rd session. Personally I felt very in-tuned with Gabe through out the session. My thoughts were focused, my breathing was smooth and consistent, and I could feel that I didn’t lose connection with her energy through out the session.

Before the session began I felt very tired from my work day and was slightly anxious that the session would not be as good as it could be, but as soon as we began I was able to focus my presence. I felt happy about that.

I look forward to hearing her update on how today’s session went! I think it was one of the best yet!

Bio Energy Healing Update


Those of you who have been following along from the beginning know that I am a sports coach who stumbled upon this new modality of healing and fell instantly in love. Since I returned home from the course I took with Michael D’Alton last month I have been faithfully blogging, practicing my new-found skills on friends, clients, and even some strangers, and in addition reading as much about the energy field, the chakras, and energy healing modalities as time will allow.

With all of that said, I have not practiced in over a week! I taught a sports camp last week, ‘summered’ during both weekends in between, and haven’t read a thing about energy during that time. I even dreamt last night that I was back in Michael’s course and he was asking us if we had practised what was required of us. In the dream I had not and I was regretful.

I am taking this as a wake-up call! While I love coaching and see it as one of my unique skills, I also love Bio-Energy Healing and have dreams of becoming great at it.

Here is the fact: You cannot become great at anything you do not focus your attention to.

Thus I will shift my attention back to where it needs to be and will move BEH – Practice up to the front seat (beside summer).

I am officially open for some hands-off business.

… now off to meditate!

Sam – Treatment Report


Sam heard that I was doing Bio Energy Healing and called me right away leaving a message on my voice mail and then calling back again to make an appointment.

I could hear in Sam’s voice that he was desperate for help and looking for a way to alleviate some work stress.

When Sam came over, I could see how tired he seemed. His posture slouched and he seemed to drag himself up the stairs to meet me just barely managing to put a smile across his face. Before we began Sam described the tensions he constantly felt at work and how some of his relationships with his colleagues made him feel out of place and left out. It seemed to him that the treatment he was receiving at work wasn’t meeting his expectations and he came for treatment to gain additional energy and positivity going forward.

Because many of the problems he described were of a social manner and also having to do with the workplace, I worked to open and detox his heart chakra and his solar plexus chakra.

As I began the treatment I could feel strong energy in most of his energy-streams and I worked to try and release some of his blockages. It seemed somehow fitting that someone who seemed so physically exhausted had the strongest energy I’d felt yet.

Through out the treatment Sam swayed and moved and after the treatment he reported feeling being pushed and pulled.

When the treatment was through Sam reported feeling exhausted and I gave him a glass of water while he sat.

Sam said he would contact me in the upcoming week to schedule a follow-up session.  I will be very interested to hear how he felt later that evening and the following day. He promised to keep me updated over email so I’ll keep you posted!

Bio-Energy Healing for your skin!


Here is the first video I watched of Michael D’Alton which inspired me to take his course!

Check it out (though you will have to watch it on YouTube as it has been disabled from embedding)




I found this while perusing good’ol Michael D’Alton’s website! Check it out, it’s totally inspirational!

The YouTube Version in case your computer is ghetto like mine:

Bio-Energy Healing and Me…


I first became interested in Bio-Energy Healing after watching a video of Micheal D’Alton. I thought to myself: “I NEED to meet this guy!”

After learning, to my surprise, that he was located in Vancouver, I decided to hop on a plane to take one of his courses. While I was there I learned invaluable information about our human bio-energy system; a system I had intuitively known existed but did not understand. I also learned techniques to practice on others; to assist them in unblocking their energy streams and unlocking their personal healing powers.

On the first day of the course, Michael asked for a volunteer that he could demonstrate on and my hand went straight up in the air keener-style.

Thankfully he asked me to step forward.

After all, I had flown 2,709 kilometers just to learn from the guy on the youtube video!

As he began his demonstration I could feel all types of sensations, but mostly a pulling sensation; as if a string were attached to my spine and someone was gently pulling it back. The realization that this was real made me giggle and I continued to make small steps backward to avoid falling while simultaneously giggling.

At one point during the demonstrative session I began to feel ill; my mouth began to water, I became dizzy, and I started to perspire. Michael asked me if I needed to sit down and I answered yes.

By the end of the session I felt better but different: a little happier, more enthusiastic, and open to meeting new people- something I have difficulty with as I tend to be withdrawn. The change was instant.

I talked to so many people from the course and exchanged information. We had lunch together, chatted, and laughed. It was as if a part of me that had been closed off to the public became available again.

It was positively rad.

What is Bio-Energy?


People throw the word energy around as often and thoughtlessly as teenagers use the word ‘like’. People say things like: “I have low energy”, “I have no energy”, and I’ve even heard people say “My kids have too much energy!”

All too often they view the term energy as a saying; an imaginary and invisible ‘thing’ with no real substance when in fact energy is as real as the keyboard I’m typing on… it just moves at a different frequency that your eyes may not be able to see.

So what is the real definition of energy?

We know that energy comes from the universe; particularly we’re taught it comes from the sun.

We also know that energy exists within the earth – this is apparent when a volcano erupts, an earthquake shakes, or a seedling sprouts from the ground and reaches its leaves up towards the light.

But did you know that human beings are also made of energy? And not only are we made of it and from it, but it is the force that keeps us healthy, vibrant, and alive. When it is blocked, we become diseased.

The body’s natural energy centers:

The human body has many energy centers and the main energy centers are often referred to as ‘Chakras’; an ancient Hindu term literally meaning  “wheel”, “disk” or “centre” in Samskrit. These ‘Chakras or spinning wheels of energy are located in 7 different areas on our bodies; each one corresponding to different organs, emotions, and life cycles (as in our choices, relationships, communication, creativity, intuition, and physical / mental stability). There are 5 horizontal streams of energy that  manifest our personality and relationship with the outside world and there are 2 vertical streams that feed energy from the earth and from the cosmos or universe into our system the same way electrical cords plug into  outlets. There are also energy meridians that connect inside of our bodies to disperse the energy that is being filtered in from the chakras.

(In the picture shown, the large, circular, coloured streams are chakras, the colored lines are energy meridians, and the white light surrounding the body is the energy charged aura or torus that is created by the chakras)

What is blocked energy?

Stress, anger, trauma, injury, sickness, heartbreak, loss, negative thinking patterns, fear, guilt, and blame are all examples of things that cause the human bio-energy centers to become blocked.

When energy centers become blocked for long periods of time and are not cleared, illness occurs. This illness can come in the form of weight gain, back pain, arthritis, loss of eye sight, loss of hearing, cancer – our bodies are actually very creative in expressing illness.

Most people simply do not realize the powerful impact that their thought streams have on their health. Nor do we understand the negative effects of moving against our personal intuitive grains – working at jobs we hate, remaining in unhealthy relationships, etc. Negative thoughts, such as fear, guilt, and blame, clog up and block energy centers leaving human beings feeling tired, cranky, sick, and finally diseased if it goes untreated for long enough.

What can you do to clear your energy?

One of the first things you can do to clear your energy and become healthier is learn more about it.

A great book on human energy is: The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale. Once you know more about how your personal energetic subtle body works, you can begin changing your thought streams and also your health.

Purchasing the Bio-Chip is also a great way to learn more about your energy system.

And of course, you can also try some Bio-Energy Healing sessions. If you’re in Toronto, perhaps I can help! If you’re in Calgary or Vancouver, I can point you in the right direction as well.