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Bio-Energy Healing and Me…


I first became interested in Bio-Energy Healing after watching a video of Micheal D’Alton. I thought to myself: “I NEED to meet this guy!”

After learning, to my surprise, that he was located in Vancouver, I decided to hop on a plane to take one of his courses. While I was there I learned invaluable information about our human bio-energy system; a system I had intuitively known existed but did not understand. I also learned techniques to practice on others; to assist them in unblocking their energy streams and unlocking their personal healing powers.

On the first day of the course, Michael asked for a volunteer that he could demonstrate on and my hand went straight up in the air keener-style.

Thankfully he asked me to step forward.

After all, I had flown 2,709 kilometers just to learn from the guy on the youtube video!

As he began his demonstration I could feel all types of sensations, but mostly a pulling sensation; as if a string were attached to my spine and someone was gently pulling it back. The realization that this was real made me giggle and I continued to make small steps backward to avoid falling while simultaneously giggling.

At one point during the demonstrative session I began to feel ill; my mouth began to water, I became dizzy, and I started to perspire. Michael asked me if I needed to sit down and I answered yes.

By the end of the session I felt better but different: a little happier, more enthusiastic, and open to meeting new people- something I have difficulty with as I tend to be withdrawn. The change was instant.

I talked to so many people from the course and exchanged information. We had lunch together, chatted, and laughed. It was as if a part of me that had been closed off to the public became available again.

It was positively rad.