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Confessions: Bio Energy Insults


While training a client this morning she began a discussion about one of her ‘workers’; i.e. someone she pays to work for her (I am someone who also fits under this heading). She began to talk negatively about this person; saying the worker was always sick and that she only became sick to control her husband (an observation about a person that only the person would be able to observe), and also that she was crazy.

In any case, she began to talk about this woman’s preferred method of healing which happened to be Reiki – another form of energy healing. She said that the worker was crazy for believing in such a thing. She even began making the type of sounds one would make if they were telling a ghost story; waving her fingers, ooh-ing and ah-ing.

I didn’t reveal to this individual my hidden love for human bio energy, nor did I share any information about this scientifically-proven field of study, instead I listened. I wasn’t insulted or mad but instead I felt pity for her and for all people who remain strongly closed-minded and unaware of the infinite possibilities of the human reality.

It made me realize that being shut off to the mysterious and/or defining it out of fear or in order to avoid facing it is far worse than simply remaining open to the endless possibilities and potential that exists within our mysterious existence. We know that our thoughts create our reality; thus the way you define your world will create it. Why not accept that mysterious forces are at play and remain open to the possibility that they could be revealed to you just because you are open to them?

That is my belief. Call me crazy if you must.

The fact is that there are all different types of beliefs in this world, what is right for me may not be right for you, however if what is right for me is different than what is right for you, labeling someone like me a freak, or crazy only creates a finite world for yourself that will lack in creativity, beauty, and mystery.

Be open.


Energetic Solutions


For one week straight I have been experiencing stomach issues; my stomach was hurting and my digestion was irregular.

Having stomach pain is very abnormal for me, however I noticed that my stomach pain was coinciding with a very negative interaction I was having with a former work colleague of my mine who I was quite close with.

Because the negative interaction was connected to work it made sense that my stomach was the affected area as the Solar Plexus Chakra is not only related to work, but also to the stomach and digestive system.

As soon as I made the connection, which was later than I would like to admit, I began to employ some simple energetic solutions that quickly did the trick!

I first meditated, intuitively checking through each of my chakras; working to remove any blockages. I then focused on my solar plexus chakra to kindly remove or ‘cut’ any energetic cords that were in existence between my former colleague and myself. I then completed some positive intention setting with Rose Quartz which I placed in my water bottle to drink. Finally I went outside, took my shoes off, and did some grounding exercises.

I felt instantly better. My stomach ache is gone. My lack-of-work anxiety is gone. And I feel optimistic that the correct opportunities will be placed before me.

Now off to express some gratitude for easy energetic solutions!


If you’re interested in learning more about ‘energetic solutions’, I suggest you read a book called: ‘Energetic Boundaries’ by Cyndi Dale. She is an energy master, clairvoyant, and a healer.

Gabriella Update – Treatment Report Session 3


I worked on Gabriella today for her third treatment. Since her second treatment she said that she feels more optimistic and more calm. She reported a better relationship with her partner; she feels noticeably less angry and explosive when a disagreement occurs. She also said that she received feedback from a friend who stated that there was a noticeable change in her energy.

My favorite part of her report however was when she said that she was having a lot of trouble explaining the treatments to friends as most people discount it as hocus-pocus. I say welcome to the club! You’re either open to it… or you’re not!

Today I worked on her sacral chakra, throat chakra, and her brow chakra. She said she could feel tingling in her arm this time and asked if that was normal (it is, some however are more sensitive to energy than others). After the session I gave her some tips on how to meditate and she reported feeling great.

I’ll be interested to see how much changes after this 3rd session. Personally I felt very in-tuned with Gabe through out the session. My thoughts were focused, my breathing was smooth and consistent, and I could feel that I didn’t lose connection with her energy through out the session.

Before the session began I felt very tired from my work day and was slightly anxious that the session would not be as good as it could be, but as soon as we began I was able to focus my presence. I felt happy about that.

I look forward to hearing her update on how today’s session went! I think it was one of the best yet!

Bio Energy Healing Update


Those of you who have been following along from the beginning know that I am a sports coach who stumbled upon this new modality of healing and fell instantly in love. Since I returned home from the course I took with Michael D’Alton last month I have been faithfully blogging, practicing my new-found skills on friends, clients, and even some strangers, and in addition reading as much about the energy field, the chakras, and energy healing modalities as time will allow.

With all of that said, I have not practiced in over a week! I taught a sports camp last week, ‘summered’ during both weekends in between, and haven’t read a thing about energy during that time. I even dreamt last night that I was back in Michael’s course and he was asking us if we had practised what was required of us. In the dream I had not and I was regretful.

I am taking this as a wake-up call! While I love coaching and see it as one of my unique skills, I also love Bio-Energy Healing and have dreams of becoming great at it.

Here is the fact: You cannot become great at anything you do not focus your attention to.

Thus I will shift my attention back to where it needs to be and will move BEH – Practice up to the front seat (beside summer).

I am officially open for some hands-off business.

… now off to meditate!

Manifest Destiny


Lately I have been learning about the concept of manifestation or the practice of willing things that you desire to into your life. Also known in the mainstream as ‘The Secret’.

Manifestation is not a new-age concept, in fact people have been using manifestation for many years. Every time you write down a list of your goals and post it on the wall you are manifesting. When you write down a list of what your dream-man looks like and then you pray that he waltzes through your door, you are manifesting. Even when you sit at your desk daydreaming about that upcoming trip to Costa Rica, you are indeed manifesting.

Unfortunately every time you imagine something terrible or negative is going to happen to you, you are also manifesting. Many people spend far too much time in this negative thought space and thus they often achieve the opposite of their hearts desires.

Currently I am working on manifesting a move towards my ‘true life’s purpose’ – an idea that has eluded me for far too long! Career-wise that means a career that uses my unique skill set while giving back to the community. Personally that means finding balance in my relationships; with myself and with others.

I am excited to finish my Bio Energy Healing practitioners certification so that I can help others to heal themselves energetically and so I can continue to learn about my body from this new perspective. I am also working on manifesting a healthy and balanced energy system through regular mediation and practicing constant consciousness.

As I have leaped into this new way of thinking, my figurative Earth-Witch pants are beginning to give me a wedgie! I just hope it’s not so noticeable that I am walking around with a camel toe!

Inspiration: On Being Silent


Here is a video of famous seer and philosopher, Osho, talking about being silent.

He has a very wise way of speaking and you can tell that he is waiting to receive an answer from ‘another source’ before he begins speaking.

He’s great, I truly appreciate his universal intelligence.



I found this while perusing good’ol Michael D’Alton’s website! Check it out, it’s totally inspirational!

The YouTube Version in case your computer is ghetto like mine:

Conspiracy Theory Land


If you’re like me; a lover of all things mysterious, then it’s fair to assume that you’ve watched a couple of movies that would fall under the dismissively-named category of ‘conspiracy theory’ in your day. You may have even formed opinions on some of these ideas.

I’ve watched so many over the years that they’ve become a soup of virtual misinformation in my brain…

Like the one where you’re shown all kinds of proof that the 9-11 attacks were perpetrated by insider elitist psychopaths attempting to solidify their quest for a ‘New World Order’ (super-believable!). Or the one where the Japanese psychic talks about a 3-day period during December 2012 where the earth will have no light as it passes through a new section of the universe and the elites are building a large underground society to protect themselves from this inevitable reality (kind-of-believable!). Or the one of the large lights over Phoenix, Arizona that clearly insinuate the existence of extra-terrestrial space craft (fairly-believable!).¬† Or even the ones that attempt to prove that particular celebrities are CIA mind-controlled slaves with multiple personalities (believable! Mainly because you would have to be mind-controlled to agree to sing some of that shit!). Sometimes if you’re bored on YouTube or even hit a button accidentally you can be swept-up in a secret world of conspiracy and very entertaining misinformation.

These days I find it increasingly difficult to know what is truth and what is propaganda. Anyone can clearly see that most mainstream media outlets operate with agendas disassociating themselves from the rules of fair and truthful journalism. While most all of mainstream music and television operate without moral responsibility; helping to sexualize children at too young of an age and serving to further¬† confuse weak or traumatized individuals. Without a doubt it is intuitively obvious there exists a dubious agenda taking place on the part of our governments, corporations, and banks who bomb, kill, and claim rights to the earth’s resources (RESOURCES MEANT FOR EVERYONE) instead of uniting, assisting, and assuring better lives for the people on this planet.

They are dubious in their actions because our thought-streams are very real and very important. Obviously corporations and governments understand this, otherwise we wouldn’t be bombarded with nonstop advertisements encouraging us to consume thoughtlessly and endlessly. The truth is that our collective thought-streams literally create our reality.

I’ll give a specific example of what I mean:

Think about a cancer patient. Someone can live for many years with cancer if they are unaware that they have cancer. As soon as they are made aware of this ‘terminal illness’ and they begin to believe that they will soon die, their condition worsens exponentially and they die much sooner than if they had never known at all.

The same is true in our everyday lives. What we believe will be will be.

If we continually believe the mass produced fear that the media produces, are we not simply sealing in a fate we didn’t write for ourselves? When fear, misery, and doom are made as readily available for us to suck-in as air, are we not unconsciously creating an awful reality that does not necessarily have to be?

What if the world is not as bad as we are taught to think it is? What if we do not need to be as dependent on governments and corporations as they make us think?

Fact: our governments are running amok; causing unnecessary wars. Fact: our politicians constantly lie to us and work towards secret agendas. Fact: our environment is suffering because of our obsession with material consumption and our reliance on oil and war.

Now that we know all of these things, can we not easily change this once we become conscious?

Maybe it is time for the human race to begin concentrating on our inner selves and learn about the power that exists within each of us. As we learn how to become conscious, as consciousness is the only way to make real change within the self, in the thoughts, or in society, we can no doubt change our reality.

Perhaps it is time to turn off the television indefinitely. Unplug from the internet more often. And look internally for intuitive solutions for creating a better human biosphere that does not rely on fear but instead on love and pro-activity.

The only way this is possible is through conscious living. What does that mean? It means to be here; to be inside of ones self, and start to feel what your mind has been blocking you from feeling.

We start by learning how to meditate and learning how to shut off the mind.

BREAKING: Bio-Energy Mainstream in Moscow


I found this video from RT (Russia Today).

While I laugh at how the mainstream media completely missed the point; sprinkling the entire piece with negativity, I love that the topic of Bio-Energetics is being discussed on mainstream media!

While RT is not a popular channel in North America, it is internationally known for cutting edge journalism (The World Tomorrow / The Aloyna Show) that is not afraid to speak out in spite of the corporately-controlled, conspicuously-compromised media currently propagating all around the world.

Definitely check out this piece,

… as I send into the universe intentions to meet this brilliant scientist!