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Earth Witch Tip #8: Try This Short Meditation


I tried this meditation with the tips given by Deepak Chopra. I could feel strong buzzing in my hands and feet. It was cool!

  • Sit in a comfortable position. If you’re in a chair, take off your shoes and place your feet flat on the ground with your palms on your knees and your spine aligned.
  • Make sure you will not be disturbed
  • Think of an intention. My intention was: “I am moving towards my true life’s purpose”, your intention can be anything from “I am creating good health” to “I am open to love and romance”
  • Be ready to use the techniques discussed in yesterday’s video
  • Then play this video on your computer with headphones on or through speakers loudly to drown out any competing sound:

I have no idea what bliss coded sound is but I tried it and it felt neat!


Inspiration: On Being Silent


Here is a video of famous seer and philosopher, Osho, talking about being silent.

He has a very wise way of speaking and you can tell that he is waiting to receive an answer from ‘another source’ before he begins speaking.

He’s great, I truly appreciate his universal intelligence.

Earth Witch Tip #7: Practice Watching Your Thoughts


With our busy North American schedules, where we are doing many tasks at once, it becomes normal to be out of control of your mind. Your mind instead rules you and your body seems to move on autopilot. In fact some people actually disassociate from their bodies seeing their bodies as a separate entity all together.

An easy way to begin moving yourself into consciousness is to regularly check-in with yourself throughout the day and have mini-meditation sessions meant to work towards being inside of your body, without thought.

Try it now.

Take 30 seconds, right at your desk, or at the bus stop, or where ever you happen to be.

Just be where you are without thinking about it. Practice being aware and conscious without thought. When a thought pops into your mind, as it will due to constant habit, watch it float by.

Feel what it feels like to have no thoughts and continue to work on achieving this state by practicing this exercise many times through out the day.

Eventually, with practice, you will be able to simply be inside of yourself without the relentless steam of thoughts that keep you from consciousness.

*Why is this important? It is important to be conscious; to know how you are feeling, in order to be in control of your life and to make decisions that are closer in alignment with your unique purpose. If you are constantly moving unconsciously you are constantly moving away and outside of your self.*

Inspiration for Meditation


I have finally learned to meditate.

It took me years, but I now do it all the time.

The thing about meditation is that you don’t need a fancy place to do it and you must be patient.

Here is what Osho, one of my favorite philosophers, has to say about patience:

“The disciple who can wait will find all his questions answered at the right moment. But waiting is a great quality: it is deep patience, it is great trust. The mind cannot wait, it is always in a hurry. It knows nothing about patience; hence it goes on piling questions upon questions without getting the answer.”

It’s no good to meditate and ask 100 questions. You ask one at a time and then clear your mind while you patiently wait for your answer.

Earth Witch Tip #5: Black Tea Bath


Pouring some black tea into your bath tub helps to clear and balance your energy fields! Not to mention it helps to remove dead skin and the scent can help to relax your senses.

Here is what to do:

  • Choose a black tea with a fabulous scent. I like Stash’s Double Bergamot – the citrus scent is refreshing yet relaxing
  • In a medium sized saucepan boil water with approximately 4-6 tea bags in it.
  • Set up your bathroom for success: dim lights, clean / clear space, and anything else you may need so that you won’t have to get out of the bath once you’re are in it!
  • Once everything is set up, pour your tea into the bath
  • Upon entering the bath, try to clear your mind of thoughts; focusing only on your breathing and clearing / balancing your energy system. I find this works best for me when I go through each chakra one by one focusing on the vibrant color of each chakra behind closed eyes.

When you exit your bath you will not only notice a calm, relaxed affect but also soft exfoliated skin!

Earth Witch Tip #4: Alter Your Brainwaves


Did you know you can download music that will:

  • Help you to become mentally focused
  • Help you to sleep deeply
  • Help you to relax
  • Help you to enter into a meditative state

By using special tones called ‘binural beats’, musicians likeĀ  Jefferey Thompson create soundscapes that assist you in relaxation, healing, meditation, focus, clarity, and deep sleep.

You can go to www.SoundsTrue.com to download from a large selection of music that will assist you in athletic achievement, better sleep, meditative practice, or relaxation.

I use the Alpha Relaxation System 2.0– designed for focus and clarity, when I am reading, riding the subway, treating clients, or meditating! But I am fix’in to download some new stuff!