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Your Chakras and Their Correlating Addictions


Do you suffer from addictions and wonder what that says about you energetically? Here is a great chart from ‘The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy’ by Cyndi Dale. This chart helps you to figure out your energetic problem areas.

Chakras as They Correlate to Addictions & Behaviors

First Chakra: Hard drugs, alcohol, work sex, being ill or sick, getting in accidents, exercise, cutting, sadistic or masochistic behaviors, spending, debt, milk, fat, and meat.

Second Chakra: Gluten, wheat, starchy carbohydrates, grain-based alcohol, chocolate, certain or all emotions (as in emotionalism).

Third Chakra: Work, perfectionism, marijuana, caffeine, carbonated beverages, corn-based alcohol, beer, and corn-processed sugar.

Fourth Chakra: Ecstacy (the drug); love (as in having to be in love all the time); specific relationships (persons you can’t “let go of”); smoking, wine, sugar, sweets, and false sugars, such as saccharin or aspartame.

Fifth Chakra: Compulsive talking or reading; compulsive overeating; smoking or chewing tobacco.

Sixth Chakra: Self-hatred (as in poor body image); appearances (as in compulsively worrying about); chocolate; and all mood-altering substances and behaviors, including hand-washing, criticalness, and more.

Seventh Chakra: “Uppers” or “downers”; fanatical religion; prayer or meditation to avoid reality; depression or anxiety

Earth Witch Tip #6: RUN BAREFOOT!


This post seems so obvious after my last post about barefoot running, I know…

In any case, when you get the chance, take off your shoes, head to the nearest green space and walk, run, or just stand without your shoes on.

Notice your mood change, notice your energy elevate, notice your hands and feet buzzing!

I suggest that you try to do something that is difficult, something you know will challenge you physically – then notice how much easier it feels.

Learn more about ‘Grounding’ or ‘Earthing’ your energy here.

Be sure to come back and let me know how it went!

Grounding: A Great Way To Gain Energy


Today was an odd day… in a great way!

I stepped out of my usual, withdrawn comfort zone (a product of a deficient heart chakra) and contacted a coworker asking her if I could join in on one of her training sessions.

She is a competitive sprinter and I am what I like to call an Aging-Lacrosse-Enthusiast with fast twitch muscle fibers.

I wanted to work with her primarily to learn some new ideas and techniques to bring to my private coaching practice and she sweetly agreed to let me tag along.

We completed a 2-hour, 30 minute long sprint-workout on the University of Toronto Campus completely barefoot! Although this is my coworkers preferred method of training, it was something I had never tried before.

All I can say is I am absolutely addicted. And believe me friends… it’s not because I love running!

“Grounding” is an energetic technique used to draw energy up from the earth through your bare feet. As the energy passes through your Root Chakra it is distributed throughout your body – providing boundless energy, quicker recovery, better sleep, and overall less pain and stress. Grounding happens most powerfully when our human feet touch the bare ground – without the rubber, plastic, and cork that usually separates our feet from the ground.

While I have just recently begun learning about this technique, as well as companies like Earthing Canada – a company that sell kits to help you ‘Ground’ any time any place, I have never quite experienced what it feels like until today.

Through out the entire workout I felt strong, energized, happy, and extremely powerful. Plus I recovered 100% quicker than normal and had energy to keep on going. Normally I feel winded after 2 small laps around the field. Today was different. My level of  exertion did in no way match my level of fatigue; it was very noticeable.

Even now, as I sit on my couch expecting my body to ask for sleep I still feel full of energy! In fact, I plan to ride my bike up the GIANT hill on my street just to buy some gelato for dessert tonight (I deserve that shit!).

In conclusion fellow Energy Enthusiasts, I cannot wait to do it again and I definitely cannot recommend barefoot running enough!