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Sasha – Treatment Report, Session 1


Sasha came for a treatment to help with lower back pain and chronic issues stemming from her reproductive organs. She reported experiencing difficulty regulating mood as well has medical issues in her ovaries.

I worked predominantly on her sacral chakra and also her throat chakra. I should note that it was really nice to work on someone who is of a shorter stature as I did not have to reach or stand on tip-toe. During the session I did lose focus a couple of times so I am hoping to improve this part of my practice. I will hopefully learn some techniques to help keep me focused during Bio Energy Sessions to ensure that the sessions are of the best possibly quality.

After the session, Sasha reported feeling great and I could see that she was noticeably relaxed. She sat in my living room for a while afterwards because she said she didn’t think she could ride her bicycle safely.

Here is a note she wrote to me the day after the treatment:

During the treatment I could feel a lot of movement in my body, as well as outside of my body, especially out of the top of my head, making me feel very tall.  I could also feel pressure pulling and pushing my physical body around a little. I was trying incredibly hard to free my mind of thoughts, although not always successful. I did feel a couple pangs of pain on the right side of my lower abdomen – this is where most of my pain is located regularly.

 Right after the treatment I felt very relaxed. I couldn’t feel the energy being active as it was in the treatment, I felt very calm. The rest of the day there was no pain and I had a lot of energy. I was also able to communicate my feelings and frustrations openly to my partner which I wouldn’t normally be able to do.

 The next day I still felt no pain but I was incredibly tired. I took a long nap right after work, I ended up falling asleep at my studio around 11pm and slept there through the night because I had no energy to go home. I biked home at 6 am and slept for a couple hours. I feel great and well rested today. A little bit of the pain has returned, but only a little.

 I am so excited for my next treatment.


Your Chakras and Their Correlating Addictions


Do you suffer from addictions and wonder what that says about you energetically? Here is a great chart from ‘The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy’ by Cyndi Dale. This chart helps you to figure out your energetic problem areas.

Chakras as They Correlate to Addictions & Behaviors

First Chakra: Hard drugs, alcohol, work sex, being ill or sick, getting in accidents, exercise, cutting, sadistic or masochistic behaviors, spending, debt, milk, fat, and meat.

Second Chakra: Gluten, wheat, starchy carbohydrates, grain-based alcohol, chocolate, certain or all emotions (as in emotionalism).

Third Chakra: Work, perfectionism, marijuana, caffeine, carbonated beverages, corn-based alcohol, beer, and corn-processed sugar.

Fourth Chakra: Ecstacy (the drug); love (as in having to be in love all the time); specific relationships (persons you can’t “let go of”); smoking, wine, sugar, sweets, and false sugars, such as saccharin or aspartame.

Fifth Chakra: Compulsive talking or reading; compulsive overeating; smoking or chewing tobacco.

Sixth Chakra: Self-hatred (as in poor body image); appearances (as in compulsively worrying about); chocolate; and all mood-altering substances and behaviors, including hand-washing, criticalness, and more.

Seventh Chakra: “Uppers” or “downers”; fanatical religion; prayer or meditation to avoid reality; depression or anxiety

Sacral Chakra: The Pleasure Center


Your sacral chakra is the 2nd energy wheel just above the root chakra located approximately 2 inches below the navel. This Chakra is related to your reproductive organs and is related to human emotion; feeling, pleasure, connection, and creativity.

Its Hindu name “Swadhisthan” translates as “sweetness”. When this energy wheel is flowing freely; in a healthy manner, you are in touch with your emotions, able to decipher the difference between your own emotions and the feelings of others, and you are able to allow yourself physical pleasure free of guilt.

As a developing youngster, 6-24 months, as you are beginning to separate from your mother; gaining your own personal autonomy, your feelings come into play. During this stage, in order to have a healthy sacral chakra, it is important for your needs to be met through affection and nurturing attention. A stressful environment or an absent parent (and many other common scenarios) can cause dysfunction in this energy center at a very young age stunting bio-energetic development.

According to http://www.transperception.com:

The symptoms of a dysfunctional second chakra are:

Physical : Bladder, Cystitis, Endometriosis, Fertility issues, Miscarriages, Fibroids, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Kidney complaints, Menstrual Problems, Muscle Cramps/ Spasms, Ovarian Cysts, Pre-menstrual Syndrome, Prostates Disease, Testicular Disease, Uterine Fibroids, Candida, Impotency, Bedwetting, Frigidity, Creative Blocks.

Emotional : Guilt, Embarrassment, Shame, Distrust, Impatience, Desire to hide, Nervousness, Holding on, Uptight, Frustration, Inadequacy, Anger, Tendency to push for things, Feeling victimized, Expecting the worst, Numbness, Neediness, Detaching from oneself and going out of body, Feeling shut down, Depression, Denying your own needs, Not supporting yourself, Blaming others, Anger at a mate, Punishing oneself, Denial of self, Rejecting femininity or masculinity, Bitter words left unspoken, Sexual pressure, Tension, Rigid social beliefs, Spite against a previous mate, Fear of mother, Emotional overflow, Years of controlling emotions, Fear of father, Denial of pleasure, A belief that sex or intimacy/touch is bad.

Soft addictions, such as overeating or addiction to junk food or other foods is related to the second chakra dysfunction.

It seems intuitively obvious that dysfunction in the sacral chakra is a widespread issue. The more that people understand how their human energy system works, the more in-tune individuals will be with their physical bodies allowing energetic health and creative solutions to the myriad of problems waiting for solutions!

Lily – Treatment Report (Session 2)


My friend Lily reported feeling great after her first session so she immediately booked another for Friday, the night before she had a 58K run planned.

She asked that I help with positivity and communication so in the case that her partner in crime punked-out on the run she would remain calm, happy, and positive.

I worked on opening / detoxing her 5th Chakra (the energy wheel located at the throat) and her 2nd Chakra (also known as the sacral chakra). I was very focused during the session and worked diligently at each energy location.

When we finished the session Lily began to feel ill, as if she were going to throw up. Her body temperature rose and she began to sweat. I gave  her a glass of water and asked her to sit and wait for the sensation to pass explaining that sometimes blocked energy is like a traffic jam; you have to wait for the cars in front to move out of the way before traffic can flow freely. I also explained that the feeling of sickness was due to energy detoxification, which is similar in feeling to drug detoxification.

Here is a note from Lily explaining how she felt during and after the session:

“Ok so, started out much more relaxed and prepared compared to last time.  No giggles.

At the beginning didn’t feel much other than some stronger pulling from my back. After a while my shoulders and arms felt extremely heavy and almost a dull pain. Tingly pin and needly fingertips even more so this session…almost hurting but not quite. Left side of face felt really numb and heavy, like a thick pos-dentist type of feeling.

One time I felt a weird pulling from my abdomen.

Once sitting, felt fine but definitely felt tingling and pulling from my feet when you went over them. I noticed my ability to clear my head had improved from last time, but racing thoughts would happen when you were near the edges of my hands and feet, almost as if you were pulling out the mind garbage…just nonsense type thoughts.

Once done felt VERY tired like I wanted to lie on the floor.  The wave of nausea happened a couple of minutes later… Cold excessive sweating, mouth watering, thirst, and serious sick feeling.  Haven’t felt like that since I had the flu really bad.

Passed, maybe what, 5 minutes later?  Felt fine.  Felt relaxed all the way home.  Got a pimple haha…detox happens through the skin so I guess that’s to be expected.

I felt crazy positive through the entire 7 hour journey the next day.  Heat, dehydration, massive heel blister, garter snakes, nothing bothered me, not even the fact that we had to slow way down because of Kev’s knee.  I tracked our distance and we actually were just a tad shy of the 50k goal…about 29 miles which is more than a marathon whoo!

Perhaps my camelback with magic tiger’s eye helped!

PS…my fucking feet hurt.  And my bum.”