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I Love Coaching…


I just completed the 2nd day of a 3-day sports camp that I am teaching for girls. The camp is a Strength & Conditioning Camp that also focuses specifically on Women’s Field Lacrosse and today we learned about energy and meditation. The girls got their very first introduction to their energy system and they learned how to meditate with clear intentions so they can play with clear minds. After their very first lesson on meditation I took the group through a guided meditation and an hour long yoga class. By the end they were calm and relaxed – some even fell asleep.

It felt great being the first person in these girls’ life to teach them the importance of meditation, explain to them what the subtle energy field is, and how they can apply certain techniques to improve their athletic performance. They were all receptive and noticeably intrigued.

I’ve heard people say that teenagers are a handful, or that they are dumb, or that they think they know everything.

I think teenagers are wonderful.

They are always waiting intently for the rare moments when adults will share some information with them that actually makes sense and challenges their busy minds. The problem, in my opinion, is that we just don’t do it enough.