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The Husband Trials – Session 2


Yesterday was a slow day in Bio-Energy Healing Volunteer Land *clears throat, looks your way longingly* so I had no choice but to practice on my old man again.

I was sure to discuss with him the damaging effects to my confidence when little smirks appear on his face as I attempt to practice something I am new at and he agreed to try his very best to stay relaxed and be respectful of the process.

In all honesty he did a great job.

While he remains mindfully indifferent to the practice, I noticed some changes in his energy field today. During the first session his sacral chakra felt very bumpy but today it was much less bumpy.¬† I also noticed that his throat chakra wasn’t as powerful as it was yesterday, which I assume is because he wasn’t playing music directly before we began like he had been before the first session. However, his brow chakra was flowing more powerfully whereas yesterday it was not.

After the session he fell straight asleep… at 9pm. And considering that his main Pain-Complaint is that he is constantly tired – that full-body kind of tired that makes your body ache, I regarded this as a good thing.

I am curious to see if he will notice any changes. As for what I’ve noticed, his dirty laundry still ends up everywhere but inside of the laundry basket, so for now the answer is nothing.

The ‘Skeptical-Husband’ Trials


My skeptical husband had his first Bio-Energy treatment session last night; my first official practice session here in Toronto.

And while I would love to report that he felt dizzy and could feel each stream of energy moving through his body, ending this blog entry with his verbal praise of my amazing energy-wielding skills, I am afraid I cannot.

While he reported to feeling nothing after the session, this was an outcome I expected since he has previously admitted to his disbelief in energy and our natural born right to wield it.

And as we already know, what you believe will always be right. Thus we both failed.

I went into the session feeling quite nervous and self-conscious. I had to try very hard not to get sucked into his little smirks that failed to reassure me, as he stood there with his eyes closed.

I will report however that I could really feel his energy very strongly – particularly through the front of his throat chakra¬† and very ‘sticky’ in other places. I worked to detox those areas but had to try very hard to stay focused – which makes for a weak treatment.

At the end of his session he opted for relaxation as opposed to being energized. Almost immediately after the session caught him yawning and he jumped straight into bed.

He did say he felt good however.

I guess we’ll see where it leads… in the mean time more practice, more meditation, and more manifestation of great things for me!