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Lily – Treatment Report (Session 2)


My friend Lily reported feeling great after her first session so she immediately booked another for Friday, the night before she had a 58K run planned.

She asked that I help with positivity and communication so in the case that her partner in crime punked-out on the run she would remain calm, happy, and positive.

I worked on opening / detoxing her 5th Chakra (the energy wheel located at the throat) and her 2nd Chakra (also known as the sacral chakra). I was very focused during the session and worked diligently at each energy location.

When we finished the session Lily began to feel ill, as if she were going to throw up. Her body temperature rose and she began to sweat. I gave  her a glass of water and asked her to sit and wait for the sensation to pass explaining that sometimes blocked energy is like a traffic jam; you have to wait for the cars in front to move out of the way before traffic can flow freely. I also explained that the feeling of sickness was due to energy detoxification, which is similar in feeling to drug detoxification.

Here is a note from Lily explaining how she felt during and after the session:

“Ok so, started out much more relaxed and prepared compared to last time.  No giggles.

At the beginning didn’t feel much other than some stronger pulling from my back. After a while my shoulders and arms felt extremely heavy and almost a dull pain. Tingly pin and needly fingertips even more so this session…almost hurting but not quite. Left side of face felt really numb and heavy, like a thick pos-dentist type of feeling.

One time I felt a weird pulling from my abdomen.

Once sitting, felt fine but definitely felt tingling and pulling from my feet when you went over them. I noticed my ability to clear my head had improved from last time, but racing thoughts would happen when you were near the edges of my hands and feet, almost as if you were pulling out the mind garbage…just nonsense type thoughts.

Once done felt VERY tired like I wanted to lie on the floor.  The wave of nausea happened a couple of minutes later… Cold excessive sweating, mouth watering, thirst, and serious sick feeling.  Haven’t felt like that since I had the flu really bad.

Passed, maybe what, 5 minutes later?  Felt fine.  Felt relaxed all the way home.  Got a pimple haha…detox happens through the skin so I guess that’s to be expected.

I felt crazy positive through the entire 7 hour journey the next day.  Heat, dehydration, massive heel blister, garter snakes, nothing bothered me, not even the fact that we had to slow way down because of Kev’s knee.  I tracked our distance and we actually were just a tad shy of the 50k goal…about 29 miles which is more than a marathon whoo!

Perhaps my camelback with magic tiger’s eye helped!

PS…my fucking feet hurt.  And my bum.”